Adventures in Parenthood

Ok, so I’m a newbie at parenthood, and so is Stephanie.  Along the way, I know there will be a million humorous stories that come up, some showcasing our stupidity and some showcasing just kid stuff.  This one was one of the first of the former category and I think it’s blogworthy, so here goes.

A few days ago we were at Target with Tinsley, showing her off like the two proud parents we are.  Well, we underestimated how long we would be out.  That was our first mistake.  Our second mistake?  Not packing an extra bottle.  At this point we were batting 0-2, and things were getting ugly and out of control in a hurry.  Tinsley was letting out those bloodcurdling screams that every parent knows as “I’m hungry, I want food, and I want it now.  I don’t care where I am, if you don’t feed me I won’t be quiet!”

Being the quick thinker I am, I wanted to finish up what we were doing and get out of the store.  Fortunately my wife is a much quicker, and more savvy, thinker, and she rescued the moment.  We already had Similac Sensitive ready to feed formula in the cart.  Steph scampered back to the baby section and grabbed a 3-pack of Dr. Brown’s bottles.  While she opened the bottles and got one out, I tried to open the formula.  The bottle was locked up like Fort Knox, and I couldn’t get it open for anything.  Finally, after cutting my hand on the METAL seal, I got the bottle opened and poured who knows how much into the bottle.  I might add that while we were in the process of opening everything I objected by saying “The bottles aren’t sterilized.” Steph replied with “God made dirt and dirt don’t hurt.”  My response back was that was true, but He didn’t make the chemicals in the bottle.  Needless to say I lost the battle, and room temperature milk was served in an unsterilized bottle to our firstborn.  She didn’t seem to care for a minute that everything was less than kosher by my standards.

When all was said and done, and it didn’t take long to be done, Tinsley was happy and content, and we were again proud, and not frantic, Mommy and Daddy.  It was somewhat funny when it occurred, but looking back on it now it’s even funnier.  I can’t wait to tell her the story one day.  I just hope she doesn’t reply with “I guess you had to be there Dad”…


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