Just Give the Baby Back!

So I have an interesting parallel I’ve been thinking about lately, and I wanted to share it with everyone.  It involves babies, specifically fussy babies, people, and God.  Here goes.

It’s happened to most everyone that has ever held a baby.  At some point in the holding adventure, the baby cries.  He whines.  She fusses.  He wails.  She hollers bloody murder.  Have you been there?  Can you relate?  Yes, I thought so.  Me too!  Nothing is more frustrating than holding a beautiful, miraculous little bundle of joy and they turn into a turbo-charged sultan of scream.  If it’s not your child, and the cries don’t settle down in a reasonable amount of time, like 5 seconds, then the scanning begins.  Most people are looking hard to find Mom or Dad.  Usually Mom if she’s available.  Dad will do in a pinch.  But just somebody that the baby belongs to.  Please, take this child and get to them hush is the message their eyes and face relay.

But occasionally there is an exception to this rule.  There’s always someone that no matter how persistent Ms. Fussbucket is, they are more persistent.  She does everything in her power to calm the crier.  Baby talk, funny faces, soothing noises, re-swaddling, holding her differently, bouncing him, taking a walk.  No matter how loud Mr. Yellsalot gets, this person is determined to keep holding him and quiet him.  In those moments, there’s really only one thing to do.  Give the baby back to her parents!  Don’t hesitate, don’t think about it, just give her back so the comforting, peace and quiet can return to the house.

It’s obviously apparent to everyone around that there’s a problem, and the person holding the baby is not the solution.  It doesn’t mean that person, whether they’re a friend, a relative, or sometimes even the Mom or Dad, is not a good person, or good with babies and children.  It doesn’t mean that this person sometimes isn’t the solution to the problem.  Just not now.

As I’ve thought about this with my daughter, I’ve wondered how God must think sometimes.  Imagine that He is the parent (He is anyway, so you really don’t have to imagine it.  But He’s the parent in this parallel).  We are the person that is holding on to the baby.  In this case the baby might be a multitude of issues.  It could be problems that we’re experiencing, it could be a relationship that is not healthy, it could be an addiction we’re going through, it could be a dream that God has given us that we want to carry out on our own, it could be _________________.  Whatever “it” is, we continue to hold on to “it” as if we can fix “it”.  Guess what?  Just like Aunt Jane that thinks she can quiet the great screamer, you’re wrong.  Our problems and issues and worries are not ours to fret and stress over.  They belong to God.  He wants to bear our burdens.  He wants to carry our weaknesses.  The truth is, He already did when He became flesh and died on the cross.  Why in the world would we want to keep holding on to something, when there is Someone there that is perfectly willing and able to fix “it”?  I know, it doesn’t make any sense to me either.

The next time you’re holding a baby and he or she is unleashing a shrill to shake the house, give him or her to the person that can fix the problem.  And the next time you’re holding a problem that has shaken you to the core, or struck fear in your heart, or has caused you undue anxiousness, give it to the One that can fix the problem.  Don’t be a hero, don’t try to fix something that you can’t.  Just give the baby back.


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