It’s hard to believe, but Miss Tinsley Ellison Osborne is rapidly approaching her first birthday.   June 3rd is right around the corner.  I know people say time flies when you have children, and boy are they right!  Time has certainly flown right by, and with it the emotions that go into parenthood.  I never knew I could feel this way about anything. 

In my ignorance I used to ask my parents, “Give me five good reasons to have a child.”  My dad, in his usual way, responded, “There are none!”  My mom, the emotional one of the family, responded with “I can’t give you five good reasons.  You just can’t understand until you have kids of your own.” 

She often throws that question back at me.  “Todd, give me five good reasons to have a child.”  I always look at her and give the same answer.  “I can’t give you five Mom, but I can give you one.  Tinsley is reason enough.” 

I often sit and look at Tinsley and just marvel at how awesome she is, how faithful Yahweh (God) is, how incredible being a dad is.  Sometimes, my emotions overcome me and my words come out in tears.  If you’re a parent, you know what I’m talking about.  If you’ve experienced trials before having your child(ren) then you really know what I’m talking about.  I don’t love her anymore because I waited so long for her, but I certainly appreciate the process and having her much, much more.

As we approach her birthday and the following month after, I hope to blog more and reminisce on her first three weeks in this world.  As most people who know us know, we spent those first three weeks in Baltimore, Maryland, learning a lot on the fly.  We’re still learning on the fly.  My desire though is to chronicle how amazing the journey has been with this precious baby and where we’ve come from.  There’s a lot of story that’s been written, but there’s so much more left, and I’m thankful that Yahweh lets me write some of it, or at the very least influence the words that will be penned into Tinsley’s heart and life. 

I know the best is yet to come.







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  1. Kim

    🙂 What a precious blessing she is!!! Can’t wait to see ya’ll and celebrate her glorious first year! Praying for many, many more awesome birthday’s to come for my sweet niece!

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