Happy Mother’s Day Mom

“Behind every great man is a great woman.”  Or something like that, as the saying goes.  I  believe that you can be a great man without a woman, but I truly believe that a great woman lays the foundation for you to become that great man.  In my case, the foundation was laid, built upon, and developed into what I have become, and am becoming, today.  Now I don’t want to become full of myself or toot my own horn.  That’s not the purpose or point of this. I just want to toot my mama’s horn and tell her, and the rest of the world, how incredible I think she is!

Mom, for as long as I can remember (and that’s pretty long, because I can almost remember that day on January 20 when i came  out of the womb kicking and screaming), you’ve been there for me.  Whether I needed a hug, an encouraging word, or someone in my corner to fight for me, you’ve been there.  I’ve always known that you were a room away, or a phone call away, and now in this crazy tech-world that we live in, a text or Facebook message away.  Our family has had its share of ups and downs, but through it all we’ve always been on the upside.  You’re a huge reason for that.  You keep the family together, you keep us strong.  You’re so passionate about those that you care for and you’ll do anything for them.  We all know that too.  You can say what you want about us, but nobody else better say anything.  I know we joke about it, but it’s true, because I have seen you get fighting mad when someone says something about me!  I have to restrain you sometimes.

On this day that we’ve commercially approved as “Mother’s Day”, I want to bless you, honor you, lift you up to God as a special vessel.  But I sincerely hope that I do that every other day of the year as well, not just on this one that we designate as Mother’s Day.  You mean the world to me, and I’m not sure what I ever did to deserve a mom as awesome and special as you.  The Lord must’ve taken a liking to me in the womb!  In all seriousness, thank you for loving me, praying for me, standing with me, and being my biggest supporter in the whole world.  I love you more than you or I could ever know!


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  1. Jackie Clark

    Todd every word you said about your mom is so true. I love you all very much. Sandy is one of the greatest women I have ever had the chance to meet.

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